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Verity's Summer


The Harsh Light of Day

Available now on DVD​

About Us

Multistory Films is a new independent development and production company, with a focus on creating compelling, intelligent and audience savvy stories for a variety of platforms.

Since it’s launch in 2009, the company’s focus has been on feature film content, creating two micro-budget, yet impressively cinematic films, both with unique and compelling stories at their heart.

Multistory Films’ first award-winning short was the part live-action, part animated children’s fantasy ROSIE. ROSIE was awarded the Golden Adder for Best Short at The New Forest Film Festival, judged by renowned film critic, Dr. Mark Kermode.

The company’s debut film was revenge horror THE HARSH LIGHT OF THE DAY, written and directed by Oliver S. Milburn. THE HARSH LIGHT OF DAY received its world premiere at Cinequest Film Festival in March 2012 and was released in the UK theatrically by Left Films in June 2012 and on DVD in October 2012.

Its second project was short film Palme d’Or nominee Ben Crowe’s feature directorial debut VERITY’S SUMMER, which premiered at the London Independent Film Festival in April 2012, winning Best Actor for its young lead and newcomer, Indea Barbe-Willson. The film has continued a successful festival tour, also winning awards for Cinematography and  Best Feature and Best Actress nominations at the Van d’Or Film Awards. VERITY’S SUMMER will be theatrically released in the UK in March 2013.

Features in Development:

School's Out

Writer: Oliver S. Milburn

Director: TBC

The concerns of a sixteen-year-old boy should revolve around spots, BO and girls. Yet when Lee Keegan turns up at St Mark’s School for Boys, he has to contend with homicidal bullies, the crucifixion of teachers and a fascist army just down the road.
During the summer a plague wiped out over ninety percent of the Earth’s human population; and now boarding school is a very different place. 

My Loving Blood

Writer: Judy Upton

Director: Jane Gull

Essex 2090. Fifty years ago, women won the war of the sexes, using gender-specific germ warfare. Now, the few men not culled are kept in secure units for breeding purposes. 'Sex', even with other women, is seen as 'weakness' and femininity is frowned upon. Going against everything the regime represents, one young woman does the most dangerous thing imaginable - she searches for her father.

The Calling

​Writer: Jeff Norton

Director: Jeff Norton

Five teenage strangers awake in a high-tech jail and discover that their prison is actually a space ship hurtling towards an alien world where they will stand trial for humanity’s future, but the ship is also armed with a stockpile of nuclear weapons, forcing the ultimate decision: risk Earth’s survival by attending the trial or preemptively destroy their accusers, and themselves.


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